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Get to know Mama's Milk Shopp better with my most frequently asked questions.


What products work for acne?

  • What I’ve found works well is the calendula soap (no fragrant or colorants and helps to support healing skin and fade skin discolor) the facial scrub to help open pore so the soap can get in there and do it's job. The green tea mask helps to remove dirt and oil from your skin also helps moisturize your skin. The good night cream helps to sooth and calm your skin at night, also the wake up cream helps support skin in the morning.


 What do you have for mature skin?

  • Mature needs more nourishment then younger skin so I made my Good Morning cream to have extract that promotes healthy skin with vitamin and minerals. Also the coffee scrub has coffee butter this helps your skin have a youthful healthy glow to it and the coffee grounds that help to exfoliate your skin and promote extra blood flow.


Do you use essential oils?

  • Yes, I only use the highest quality essential oils from one of the best companies in the USA


Why is this bar smaller than this one?

  •  The small bar is aged more. As your soap ages it will shrink, this is caused from the soap drying. This will happen faster if your home is heated or have the ac on because they draw the humidity out of the air.  There’s definitely nothing wrong with the soap this will actual make a better bar of soap. Soap is like cheese or wine the older it is the better and the longer it will last.


Why is Shopp spelled like that?

  • Because when I went to start my website Mama’s Milk Shop and Mama’s Milk Shoppe were taken.


What’s the difference between all the soaps?

  • All my soaps are basically the same other than the colorant or fragrance oils that I put in them. Except the 100% natural bars they have different ingredients to help with different skin problems.


How do you get your bars to look like that?

  • I do an extra step called milling. Where after I’ve made a big batch of soap (20 lbs at a time) I let it sit and cure for a minimum of 4 weeks and that’s when it goes through its Saponification process (when lye is mixed with oils and fats it goes through a chemical change and neutralizes and turns into soap). Then I shave it down till it looks like shredded cheese to make it melt more easily. Then I put the shavings in a pot add a small amount of water and melt it back into a jelly. This is when I add my fragrance and colors. Then I poor it into molds, and after it cools I put it on the drying rack till it's ready to be sold.

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  • When you mill soap it makes a harder longer lasting bar, and the more times you mill it the better soap you will end up with.


What do you do with your soap scraps?

  • When I’m done making my bars I let the pan cool and scrape out any leftover soap and put it in small totes, each fragrance has its own tote. After my bars have sat on the drying rack for a few days and are completely dry and are ready to rap I scrap off the over flow edges into the boxes also. By doing this very little of my soap goes to waist.


Why is this bar dark brown (anything with vanilla)?

  • There’s no colorant in there that is the fragrant oil giving it that color. Anything you use a vanilla oil it darkens the soap. I can us a color stabilizer in the soap but that would be just adding a chemical to the soap, and I try not to do that.


 Are your Mama's Milk Lotions and Creams all natural?

  • With today’s standers I could say it’s a 100% natural but I don’t like to miss lead my customers. Because of the preservative germaben being a manmade ingredient.


Are you Organic?

  • No I’m not. To be certified organic my animals would have to be organic, and that means that I cannot use any kind of medication on them. I try to do everything as naturally as I can but when it comes down to either giving my goat a shot of penicillin or her dyeing I’m picking the shot. Then her milk is dumped down the drain for the time she’s being medicated and I DO NOT use her milk in my products till I have had it tested in a dairy lab and it comes back clean. 

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