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Mama's Milk Shopp is your one stop shop for Udderly the best goat milk soap and may other homemade products. Made in beautiful Chaseburg Wi. I have been making my homemade soap since 2010, and in 2013 I expanded and started making homemade lotion.

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Why is Mama's Milk Product Udderly the Best??


Other Uses For My Products

  • Mama’s Milk Soap is great for getting stains out of clothes like blood and lip stick.
  • Works outstanding on removing oil and grease from your hands.
  • Mama’s Lotion helps remove sticky stuff like tar from cat and dog fur
  • Help to heal your skin from sun burns. Also helps heal your skin after surgery.
  • Goat milk soap works much better than commercial shaving creams. You will get a

    closer shave, fewer nicks and  less shave burn.    

Getting the Most Out of Mama's Milk Shopp Products


  • Wash your hair first, so your shampoo will wash off the oil and nutrients and

     conditioner leaves a film on your skin and by washing your skin last will take that film off    

     and leave your clean and nourished.

  • Soap up rinse off and GET OUT of the shower the longer you stay in the more nutrients you

     will rinse off. 

  • If you have a sunburn or dry patch of skin wash a rinse a few times to really get the oils and

     nutrients in your skin. 

  • DON'T wash with Mama's Milk Soap then wash with another soaps, the other soaps will  

     wash off all the oils and nutrients. 

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  • "I love the scent ! I normally use Dove soap but This is a million times better my skin feels so fresh ,clean, soft . Love this soap "
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